Web Design

Every business needs a website.

"But there's so much I dont know about websites and web designs. I don't know where to start!"

We base our web designs on what you want. After all it is your website.

Our expertise is in the design and the coding (programming, if you like). Your expertise is in your business, your product and your ability to sell that product, we give you the fastest growing business platform out there to help you.

You don't need to know all the in's and out's of a website, you just need to know what you want your website to do for you.

We give you a working link to your website, so you can watch the your website come alive.

Welcome to Digital DesignSmith, we look forward to working with you.

Graphic Design

Websites are designed by graphic designers

But there’s more to website designers than just designing websites.

We can design anything you need. Have you been to our portfolio to see some samples?

From flyers to logos to DVD covers to posters.... even packaging material. Who knew??

Click here to fill in the contact form and we will be in touch within 24 hours, Just quietly....You might be surprised at our prices

Web Hosting

Now that you have the website sorted, the next thing is it to find somewhere to host it (or store it) so your customers can access it.

We upload your web site to the server, setup your emails, forwards, autoresponders and what ever else you need.

We offer three plans, pricing is per month:

1 - $10
2 - $15
3 - $20

1. - 100 Megabytes of space, 2000 Megabytes of Bandwidth (traffic) and 5 email addresses
2. - 250 MB, 5000 MB BW, 10 email
3. - 500 MB 10000 MB BW, 15 email

Billing is per month and there is no contract or minimum stay.

Wait, wait, wait... I forgot to tell you that if we design your website, you get 12 months worth of hosting included or FREE.

Dont wait, click here now and talk with us about your web hosting needs.

Custom CMS

Sorry custom what?? Im glad you asked. Custom CMS. CMS stands for Content Mangement
System. Its a fancy way of saying you can change the text etc on the site yourself or Manage the Content from your own admin section.

Yes websites with custom CMS cost more to build, BUT you don’t have to pay the web designer hundreds of dollars to make changes. Make them yourself!!

Customised to your needs.

Have you been to our demo admin section? No? click here to try it out. The right hand side simulates what the admin section will look like. The left hand side shows you, in real time, the changes you make in the admin section.

So simple and easy to do and in the long run can save you $$

Click here and fill in the contact form, its FREE and you have nothing to lose.

iPhone / iPad Apps

You have a fantastic idea for an app, but you have absolutely no idea how to make it happen!

Don’t despair, we get paid to keep up with technology and can take the worry or how to do it off your hands.

First, make notes on exactly what your app is for, what you want it do, how you want it to look etc

Click here to contact us. We can talk you through the process and get our apps team onto the job straight away.

Before you know it your apps will be on itunes making you some extra income.

Why not, ifs worth a try. Do it before someone else gets in first with your idea. Click here to contact us.